Tom Rogers of Woodhill Firewood picks oak, at left, as his favorite wood to smell burning, while his wife Gracie prefers the aroma of almond at right. Their woods range from "economy grade" to "furniture grade" firewood. ///ADDITIONAL INFO //// FIREWOOD.0218.jah -- shot 2/8/12 -- /// JEBB HARRIS THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Tom Rogers of Woodhill Firewood in Irvine has mountains of different firewood for sale.

In the early 1970’s two families running separate businesses realized their common interest and began a collaboration effort to minimize green waste and help the environment.  The Rogers were running Woodhill Firewood, a firewood business while the Mahoneys were operating West Coast Arborists, Inc. (WCA, Inc.) a tree maintenance company.  And so it was that a new approach to an old idea was born.  Together the Rogers and the Mahoneys realized that the two could work together.  Today trees maintained by WCA, Inc. from over 200 public agencies are being converted by Woodhill Firewood into useable products that are available to some of the very communities that they originated from. Products such as firewood, top soil, mulch, wood slabs, and even palm trees are available for purchase from Woodhill Firewood.  This ongoing endeavor to reduce waste from the urban forest has been successful for over 40 years and it continues to thrive.




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